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08 April 2013

Pak Jusuf Kalla – Former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia quotation

"Like in many rapidly-developing countries, energy subsidies are a drag on our government budget, limiting... Read more

02 April 2013

LPG widely recognised as a solution to household air pollution during Global Clean Cooking Forum

The consensus is building that LPG is one of the best solutions to curb deadly... Read more

28 March 2013

Report says more effort needed to spread clean cooking practices

A new report that assess the current state of energy access in poor countries released... Read more

26 March 2013

UNIDO calls for massive energy investment in Africa

For Africa to realise a sustainable path of economic growth, it must make massive investments... Read more

16 March 2013

LPG gets Clean Development Mechanism acceptance

The first fuel-switching project under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism was registered in December... Read more

15 March 2013

SHV Energy supports Cooking For Life campaign

SHV Energy announced in Feburary that it will support the WLPGA’s Cooking For Life initiative.... Read more

14 March 2013

Nigeria to switch 20 million homes to LPG from dirty fuels

The Nigerian government is teaming up with NGOs, international organisations and Nigeria’s largest petroleum distributor... Read more

13 March 2013

Clean fuels a main attraction at Clean Cooking Forum

The Forum’s overarching aim is to prompt market-based approaches to the global adoption of clean... Read more

07 March 2013

Web-based tool charts disease, risk factors around the world

Interactive graphics that illustrate where the global burden from disease,  such as  where household air... Read more

06 March 2013

CEO pleads for household air pollution research in Forbes

Donn Tice, CEO of d.light, which designs, manufactures and distributes solar lighting in the developing... Read more

13 February 2013

Air pollution linked to underweight infants

While other studies have also demonstrated a link between dirty air and pregnancy complications, the... Read more

13 February 2013

Cooksmoke tied to cataracts

To correct possible flaws in how previous studies were conducted, the most recent study examined... Read more