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14 January 2015

India bans burning cow dung near Taj Mahal

India has banned the burning of cow dung fuel cakes near the Taj Mahal amid... Read more

14 January 2015

LPG – a step in solution to energy problems

THANKS to load shedding or rather, blackouts – let us not call a spade a... Read more

09 January 2015

Govt criticized for doing nothing to ease LP gas supply

KATHMANDU, Nepal The Industry, Commerce, and Consumer Welfare Committee of legislature-parliament has criticized the government... Read more

22 December 2014

Users hardly benefit from LPG price fall

Local consumers are not benefitting much from the continued price fall of liquefied petroleum gas... Read more

20 December 2014

Nigeria Can Generate N1.7 Trillion From LP Gas Initiative

Minister of National Planning, Abubakar Sulaiman, says Nigeria can generate about $10.38 billion (N1.7 trillion),... Read more

18 December 2014

Autism risk linked to particulate air pollution

Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy... Read more

11 December 2014

Indoor Pollution Kills Millions Each Year

The way we cook is important. In many countries, the two choices are natural gas... Read more

10 December 2014

Beyond Electrification: Why Fuels Matter for Energy Access

By Angi Acocella and Lily Mwalenga Though growing interest in energy access issues in developing countries has led to... Read more

01 December 2014

Cooking up change

  A couple of decades ago, I had a good reason to ponder the health... Read more

21 November 2014

José Andrés: What I’m Thankful For

WASHINGTON, DC- MAY 01:Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur Jose Andres photographed at Minibar in Washington, D.C.... Read more

11 November 2014

Experts for adoption of improved cookstoves in households

NEW DELHI: Noting that air pollution insdie households, caused by use of traditional cookstoves, was... Read more

11 November 2014

Ethanol Scheme to Clean Air in Billions of Kitchens Goes Up in Smoke

In Mozambique, as in much of the world, people cook with charcoal. The dirty fuel causes... Read more