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07 May 2015

Better stoves do count

By Bjorn Lomborg AIR quality has improved dramatically in rich countries over the past century. Yet air... Read more

07 April 2015

India: Cooking fires poisoning the air we breathe, says govt study

Every year, 1 million people — among them at least 100,000 children - die prematurely... Read more

02 April 2015

Kenya: Cooking Gas Market Picks Up Despite Low Cost Kerosene

The use of cooking gas compared to that of kerosene rose during the last quarter... Read more

30 March 2015

Nigeria: Lagos distributes 20,000 gas stoves to residents

The Lagos State Government has distributed over 20,000 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders to residents... Read more

24 March 2015

Ghana: Energy Ministry Distributes 500 Gas Cylinders At Axim

The Minister for Petroleum, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, has launched the Rural LPG Promotion Programme with... Read more

23 March 2015

LPG, smokeless chullahs for Mid-day meal in Odisha schools

The Odisha government has decided to use LPG and smokeless chullahs for preparation of mid-day... Read more

06 March 2015

Clean Cookstoves Drive Gender Equality

Imagine spending hours every day cooking your family's food over an open fire, your eyes... Read more

05 March 2015

Over 80% consumers join LPG cash-subsidy scheme

Over 80% active LPG consumers in the country have joined the ambitious PAHAL scheme to... Read more

03 March 2015

Improving Effectiveness of Domestic LPG Subsidy and Distribution in India: Rationalising Subsidies, Reaching the Underserved

Key Findings​ On account of rising consumption of subsidised domestic LPG, the fiscal impact and... Read more

03 March 2015

Ministry of Energy and Mines delivers more than half a million LPG kitchens nationwide

  Lima,  The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), through the national program “Cocina, Peru”... Read more

03 March 2015

Cash subsidy to LPG consumers has stopped leakages: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the landmark scheme to give LPG consumers... Read more

27 February 2015

Nigeria: ‘It’s a Shame That Nigerians Still Use Kerosene for Cooking’

Nigeria is said to have 187 trillion cubic feet of gas, yet we are yet... Read more