Cooking For Life

Cooking For Life

COOKING FOR LIFE, a campaign of the WLPGA, aims to facilitate the transition of ONE BILLION people from cooking with traditional fuels as well as other dirty and dangerous fuels to cleaner-burning LPG by 2030.

Spread the Word

The first step towards improving the lives of several people if raising awareness. Talk to your family and friends about the conditions in which three billion worldwide cook and the effect it has on their health and daily lives.

Why LPG?

LPG has a number of practical and environmental advantages over other fuels. It is portable, efficient, safe and emits virtually no soot.



will have died from health complications caused by indoor air pollution from cooking

Health Impact

Death from lower respiratory infections is dramatically higher in low income countries where exposure to indoor air pollution is greatest.

Socio-Economic Impact

Around three billion people across the developing world still rely on solid fuels – traditional biomass or coal – for cooking on primitive stoves or open fire.


Switching 100 households from consuming 200 tonnes of harvested wood a year to 1.8 tonnes of LPG would annually save one hectare of forest.

The Challenge

The Campaign

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