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28 April 2017

WLPGA Member Focus – Envirofit

About Envirofit Envirofit International is a social enterprise that innovates smart energy products and services that improve lives on a global scale. Using a market-based approach, Envirofit develops a global... Read more

27 April 2017

Prins Wins ‘INPRO 2017 – Innovative Technology’ Award at GasShow 2017

WLPGA member Prins Autogassystemen was awarded the ‘INPRO 2017 Innovative Technology’ award for its Dual Injection Technology during GasShow 2017 that took place early  April 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. The... Read more

27 April 2017

European Parliament and European Council Reach Agreement on Energy Labelling Rules

AEGPL, the European LPG Association, reported that the European Parliament’s and the European Council’s negotiators have reached a compromise on the Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulation. This proposal is of direct... Read more

12 April 2017

India: New Tax Rate could Boost LPG Use in Vehicles

Giving a major boost to environment-friendly Autogas, the Indian government has clarified that both domestic and commercial LPG grades will be taxed under a uniform goods and services tax (GST)... Read more

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