2018 Houston

The 31st World LPG Forum
The World LPG Forum is THE annual global event for the LPG industry. This unique event travels the globe annually attracting key international agencies, policy makers, media and the highest level of industry leaders to explore the LPG business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships.
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The North American LPG Market

Soaring production of LPG resulting from the development of shale gas deposits, has made North America the world’s largest producer and exporter of LPG in a few short years.

The region also remains the world’s largest consumer of LPG, as well as the undisputed leader in technical innovation for the industry in areas ranging from power generation to agricultural applications. However, the market does face some headwinds from competition with natural gas, to the unprecedented growth in renewable energysources, and an unsettled global political environment. All of these dynamics will be on display in Houston.

About Houston

Energy has been the primary factor in the Houston economy since oil was first discovered in the region in 1901.
Houston is home to major US energy firms in every segment.With more than 2.2 million residents, Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas and America’s fourth-largest city.

About the Venue: The Hilton Americas
The Hilton Americas – Houston is located in Houston’s bustling downtown area. The hotel offers guests the unbeatable combination of the best location in the city plus quick and easy access any type of entertainment imaginable.
It is located 30 minutes from the George Bush Intercontinental airport and the perfect location for the World LPG Forum.