The annual Global Technology Conference (GTC) is organised as a part of LPG Week. The primary aim of GTC is to showcase the most innovative and original technological ideas from around the world and create new opportunities for the LPG industry.

It brings the LPG industry together, represented by all its stakeholders, from research entities to academic partners, LPG producing companies to equipment manufacturers, LPG distributers as well as the total supply distribution chain and beyond it.

GTC2022  will be held as part of LPG Week in New Delhi on November 15th.


WLPGA Global Technology Conference (GTC2022)

Increasing Global Market Opportunities for LPG


The Industry’s 15th Global Technology Conference will take place on 15th November 2022 during LPG Week 2022. Discover the Flyer for the GTC2022 here.

GTC2022 Call for abstracts

Key Dates

14th March 2022:

Call for Abstracts

11th August 2022:

Submission of Abstract

16th September 2022:

Acceptance/Rejection of Abstract

21ST October 2022:

Submission of PowerPoint Presentation

15th NOVEMBER 2022:

Presentation at GTC2022

GTC Innovation Award

The prestigious WLPGA Global Innovation Award is given to the most outstanding paper. Additional Awards are also given to subject category winners. With a wealth of benefits to the winners, this is an opportunity not to be missed for everyone developing innovative technology. The Innovation Awards will be granted to the GTC2022 winners chosen from the papers that will be presented in New Delhi in 2022.

SHV Energy won the prestigious 2021 Innovation Award at GTC2021 during LPG Week in Dubai with their papers: ‘rDME: Scaling up Supply for LPG Sector Defossilisation’ and ‘On Purpose Renewable LPG Production’. The Runner-up was Adaptive Energy LLC for their paper ‘Propane-Powered Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Backup, Offgrid & Portable Power’.

A total of four awards were given, with the awards in the other categories as below:

  • Safety Award: Makeen Energy for ‘New LPG Cylinder Leak Detection Brings Safety into Next Level’
  • LPG Applications: Gasco GLP Chile for ‘LPG Power Generation for off shore facilities: Collaborating with Chilean Salmon Industry to Reduce Environmental Impacts’
  • Marketing-Distribution: Ultragaz for ‘Ultragaz 24/7′
  • Business Improvment: Anova for ‘Energising Digital Consumer Engagement’

Congratulations to all winners and special thanks to all competitors!



selected abstracts 2022 for LPG Week COMING SOON