14.02.2012 - 16.02.2012

World LP Gas Sub-Continent Regional Summit – LP Gas: Exceptional Energy for the Sub-Continent

The WLPGA Team would like to thank you everyone involved for making the WLPGA Sub-Continent Regional Summit a successfull event.

Full programme of events:

13 February - Field Visit to Indane Filling Station
14 February - Global Cylinder Network Session, GAIN, GLOTEC Meetings
Download the GCN Agenda, the GAIN Agenda, the GLOTEC Agenda
15 February - Sub-Continent Regional Summit
Download the Summit Agenda

All the Summit presentations can be downloaded below.

Round Table Discussion: What does the future hold for the markets in the Sub-Continent?

No Presentations
S Singh, Executive Director LPG, Indian Oil Corporation
T. R. Thomas, Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India
Prakash Jonnalagadda, CEO, Total India
R M Gupta, Executive Director LPG, Bharat Petroleum
Ajay Kumar, CEO, SHV Energy India
Solanki Bhupendra Singh, General Manager, Kosan Crisplant India
Moderator: Nick Black, Editor, Argus LPG World

Overview of market confitions in the Sub-Continent

Regional view: Walt Hart, Purvin & Gertz
India: Avinash Thosar, Executive Director, LPG, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Bangladesh: Renzo Bee, Totalgaz
Sri Lanka: W.K.H. Wegapitiya, Laugfs Gas
Pakistan: Mr Mumtaz Ali Khan , Chairman Hascol Petroleum
Moderator: Suyash Gupta, General Secretary, IAC


Nigeria: Michael Kelly, World LP Gas Association
Morocco: Abdelkader Benbekhaled, Salamgaz; Najib Benamour, Caisse de Compensation du Maroc
Indonesia: Kimball Chen, ETG
India: Bibhu Prasad Nayak, TERI
Moderator: Rajiv Chohan, President, Aegis Logistics, India

Autogas the transport fuel for the Sub-Continent

Makoto Arahata, Japan LPG Association, Japan
Ju Wan Kang, Korean LP Gas Association, Korea
Ercüment Polat, Aygaz, Turkey
L K S Chauhan, Indian Oil Corporation, India
Moderator: David Tyler, WLPGA

16 February - WLPGA Board & Industry Council / Good Industry Practices Workshop
Download the Workshop Agenda

Dowload below all presentations: LP Gas – An Exceptional Energy: Alison Abbott, Communications & Marketing Director, WLPGA
Introduction to LP Gas & Good Business Practices & Good Safety Practices: David Tyler, Director, WLPGA
Autogas Conversions: BalrajBhanot, ex Chairman, Indian Central Motor Vehicle Routes
Bulk LP Gas Road Transportation: R.C.Kaul, Joint Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India