PIEA-WLPGA East Africa LPG Webinar 2020

The PIEA-WLPGA East Africa LPG Webinar 2020 was held under the theme: LPG: East Africa's Life Saving Cooking Fuel and replaced the Annual LPG Summit which was planned to run on the same day in Nairobi, but postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The webinar was open to all and was of particular interest to LPG stakeholders, including East African Ministers responsible for Petroleum Energy, Health, Environment, Trade, Industry as well as the related regulatory agencies, national standard bodies, consumer organisations, LPG value chain players, non-governmental organisations and financial/funding institutions.

The webinar covered topics that were planned for the Summit, focusing on investigating the latest developments in successfully transitioning away from harmful traditional cooking fuels, such as wood and charcoal, to LPG.


Presentations can be downloaded below & Recording is available here


For more information on this webinar, please contact David Tyler at dtyler@wlpga.org