LPG Talks Live Free Webinar: How IIOT is Digitising the LPG Industry

LPG Talks Live FREE Webinar: How IIoT is Digitising the LPG Industry
Thursday 25th March 2021, 1PM CET (Paris time)

Learn how the LPG industry is being propelled forward in the 21st century with IIoT based digitisation. 

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In this latest LPG Talks Live session, senior industry executives will share their views and experience on how IIoT has enabled LPG to be a key factor in today's net-zero world. From providing tools to escape harmful indoor air pollution for the three billion people reliant on burning traditional fuels for cooking, to the wellhead, to the kitchen, IIoT is transforming the future for the LPG industry.

Remote tank monitoring, smart devices, and efficient scheduling are just a few of the ways IIoT is contributing to a safer, cleaner, healthier, and more efficient world.

This session also features a Digitisation Case Study, which highlights the importance and advantages of IIoT in optimising use and distribution and the positive impact of LPG today.