International Outreach & Advocacy

The World LPG Association’s (WLPGA) key activity is to inform and to raise awareness of the LPG industry at an international level and to work together with all its stakeholders worldwide.

The association facilitates discussions and partnerships with key international agencies, policy makers, international business associations and non-governmental organisations on many pertinent issues within our society. These important links are forged directly and in cooperation with regional and national LPG Associations with the WLPGA acting as the global umbrella organisation.

The WLPGA is also an active participant of the UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and participates in these events.

The WLPGA creates and sustains open dialogue with LPG Stakeholders involved in a wide range of activities. From policy makers in governments, to international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), the United Nations, international development banks & agencies, business councils, and concerned customers.