Good Industry Practices

The WLPGA promotes compliance with health, safety and environment standards and good business practices in the LPG industry through its two publications ‘Good Safety Practices’ and ‘Good Business Practices’.

These two documents together comprise the Good Industry Practices (GIP), which the WLPGA , through collaboration with and active participation of its members, promotes in the existing and potentially expanding LPG markets across the globe The guidelines have been compiled by the WLPGA with the active support of a task force comprising of members from renowned LPG companies and valuable contributions from the UNEP and the ICC.To ensure the compliance of Good Industry Practices, the existing Code of Conduct has been amended to confirm that the LPG company adheres to the Good Industry Practices. While all existing members of the WLPGA are expected to sign the revised Code of Conduct in a phased manner, it is also a pre-requisite for any LPG Company to sign the Code of Conduct in order to become a member of the WLPGA.


To find out more on our good industry practices, please contact David Tyler