Power Generation

Market Development & Recommendations for Future Growth

Following the successful delivery of the report “Power Generation from LPG – The Global Status of LPG-based Power Generation in Commercial, Industrial, and Power Sectors” by Delta-ee in 2016, WLPGA wanted to build on this study to:


  • Further explore the global market outlook associated with the growth of the LPG Power Generation sector within a band of systems from 250 MWe as an upper threshold to 5 MWe as a lower threshold of analysis


  • Identify the market characteristics which are likely to be present in the markets which are most promising for LPG Power Generation (e.g. lack of natural gas infrastructure, high electricity prices, etc.)


  • Highlight 6-8 specific countries which have some promising characteristics for LPG for Power Generation, together with an analysis of these market characteristics.


  • Provide clear guidance and recommendations to global LPG stakeholders (e.g. governments, associations, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) on steps that can be taken to maximise the opportunities to grow the LPG Power Generation sector globally.


  • Demonstrate that LPG is a viable and proven option for large scale power generation.


The final report, completed by Delta-ee in Spring 2017, summarises the results from this follow-on research, and this section of the website outlines the key areas. The full report can be downloaded here.


  1. Market Outlook: An Executive Summary style overview of the global potential for LPG within the power generation sector
  2. Key Countries & Market Characteristics: An in-depth review of eight global markets that demonstrate key characteristics for LPG for Power Generation
  3. Recommendations: A list of recommendations, targeted at stakeholders, to help grow the use of LPG within the global Power Generation sector


Key Countries
The following eight countries were identified as markets of high opportunity for LPG Power Generation