Introducing the WLPGA Matrix
Following the WLPGA Strategic Review 2017-2019, WLPGA decided to adopt a structure that is both representative of all the goals agreed upon in the strategic review and fully inclusive of all members while being sufficiently flexible to meet the varying needs of different markets. The solution to this is a Matrix structure that has four primary goals intersecting with projects or activities on the vertical axis. Each primary goal will have an Industry Council nominated Chair for the three-year period of the strategic plan. Each project or activity will have a WLPGA secretariat “owner” as coordinator. Each project will intersect with one or several goals depending on the main focus of the activity. Working groups can be created for each project as necessary and these groups will work either remotely or meet physically as necessary.
The creation of the matrix will sees the dissolution of the existing network groups (GLOTEC, GAIN, GCN) within the formal structure of the WLPGA, although these groups may continue in name if they represent a specific project or working group. The Matrix has the following four key goals:

Goal A                                        Communications

Chair                                             Henry Cubbon, DCC Energy

WLPGA Coordinator                  Alison Abbott


Goal B                                        Market Development

Chair                                             Gokhan Tezel, Aygaz

WLPGA Coordinator                  Michael Kelly


Goal C                                        Standards

Chair                                             Mauricio Jarovsky, Ultragaz

WLPGA Coordinator                  David Tyler


Goal D                                        Innovation

Chair                                             Tucker Perkins, PERC

WLPGA Coordinator                  Nikos Xydas


For full details of each project under each Goal please refer to the current Action Plan. (available in the Members Area)


The Matrix enables the WLPGA to achieve several key objectives:

  • Map all projects against their respective goals within the three-year period of the strategic plan.
  • Fully engage all members in a transparent way with the agreed projects and goals of the WLPGA.
  • Allow clear measurement and reporting of progress of projects through to the Industry Council via the goal Chairs.

The full Matrix is available on the members area of the WLPGA website. Any members wishing to access the website should contact Laurence Poret for their login.


WLPGA - Strategic Review - 2017 - 19 FINAL-44