Market Development Support

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) creates the environment to develop and sustain LPG markets worldwide.

The WLPGA achieves this by identifying market opportunities for LPG in both rural and urban settings, and supports the growth and development of existing markets. WLPGA cooperates with international organisations on a variety of projects that help implement the concept of ‘helping people help themselves’.

The most recent campaign is the COOKING FOR LIFE campaign, a brand new initiative being rolled out under the Exceptional Energy brand, it is a global campaign that aims to convert one billion people from cooking with traditional fuels to cooking with LPG by 20

LPG: Exceptional Energy

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) creates the environment to develop and sustain LPG markets worldwide.

The WLPGA has created the global LPG Exceptional Energy brand to raise awareness of the exceptional features of LPG among policymakers, industry and consumers.  An increased understanding of LPG’s environmental benefits, versatile applications and its immediate global availability is of the essence to allow conscious and responsible decisions on the type of energy sources used.



Four million people die each year from illnesses brought on by indoor air pollution in developing countries, primarily from cooking with “traditional fuels” – wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste – on antiquated stoves or open fires. Indoor air pollution causes respiratory infections, pulmonary disease, lung cancer, malnutrition, low birth weight, and other conditions. It is the tenth leading cause of avoidable deaths worldwide and in environmental causes of death is second only to contaminated waterborne diseases.

These deaths disproportionately affect women. In a world teeming with complex challenges, this is one problem that we can solve to promote sustainable development globally. One solution is LPG, a clean, portable and modern fuel that can be used virtually anywhere.

COOKING FOR LIFE will bring LPG, a clean, safe and efficient cooking fuel to developing countries where women’s health is negatively impacted by indoor air pollution and reduce death and illness caused by lack of access to clean cooking fuels. It will focus on taking LPG to places that need it most and will partner with governments, development agencies, NGOs and the LPG industry around the world. By offering clean energy, COOKING FOR LIFE will help make rapid progress in combating this age old health menace and ensuring that cooking does not kill.

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