GAIN works to build markets for clean, safe and efficient autogas by creating a network for the global autogas community to share its collective experience and innovative solutions.

GAIN supports the LPG national and regional associations in their outreach and communications efforts.

The network gathers and monitors Autogas news and information and disseminates these worldwide to members and decision makers. Equipment manufacturers and installers are also key to the use of Autogas. GAIN also communicates to car manufacturers concerning the benefits of LPG for the environment.

mission is to:

Grow the use of Autogas as a transportation fuel.

Co-ordinate the efforts and leverage the experience of its members.

Encourage technology development and safety enhancement to support sustainable business growth.

Act as a communications and information centre for the benefit of members and the wider autogas and transportation community.

The WLPGA promotes compliance with health, safety and environment standards and good business practices in the LPG industry through its two publications ‘Good Safety Practices’ and ‘Good Business Practices’. These two publications have been endorsed by UNEP (UN Environment Programme) and ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).


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