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WINLPG is delighted to announce the inaugural WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. This award is open to any women operating in any sector of the LPG industry. It is open to women who have excelled in their sector, have made a particularly significant contribution to the LPG industry, have actively participated in the promotion of the industry.


Please complete the WINLPG 2018 Award form and return it to Nikki Brown, Global WINLPG Coordinator at winlpg@wlpga.org. The deadline to receive completed forms is 31 August. Nominations can either be a person or a company nominating a candidate, or an individual nominating themselves. If you need more space to write in please attach a separate note.



Changing the face of the industry

Gender balance in the LPG industry is not optimised and WLPGA is in a unique position to start to make a change. This change is to be driven by WINLPG. WINLPG is a global network that will recommend actions and activities as part of the WLPGA strategic planning process to address this issue.
To discover what 2018 holds for WINLPG download the WINLPG 2018 Charter here.

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“As a multinational company, UGI/AmeriGas operates in many different environments and we appreciate the diversity of our employees, our customers and the communities we serve.  We are strongest when we embrace diversity.  In particular, a workforce that is rich in its mix of age, gender, ethnicity and physical abilities, to name a few, reflects the world we live in today, challenges our thought processes and inspires creativity.” 


John L. Walsh, President and Chief Executive Officer UGI Corporation & Vice Chairman AmeriGas Partners





Paige O’Dell,
Alison Abbott,
WINLPG Global Manager

For more information contact Alison Abbott.

Nikki Brown,
WINLPG Global Coordinator

For more information contact Nikki Brown.

The WINLPG Ambassadors
WINLPG welcomes the support of our Ambassadors.

Ambassadors can either be an individual, or a company, who simply pledge to support the goals of the network and lend their image or logo to this important initiative. This gives not only credible support to WINLPG, but also significant global visibility for our Ambassadors. To become an Ambassador please contact Nikki Brown.

Richenda Van Leeuwen
International Institutions Global LPG Partnership Chair











”We at Calor feel it is important to improve access and conditions for women installers, to ensure a growing female presence in the industry and equality for those working in the sector and Calor is on hand to help at every step of the journey. Visit www.calor.co.uk/installer and follow @CalorInstaller on Twitter.”

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Georgie Cambell

Applications Engineer, Avanti Gas Ltd., UK

I began my interest in engineering at an early age, spending most of my spare time in my grandad’s workshop. My Grandad was a former Engineer in the RAF and I always promised him that I would follow in his footsteps.

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Holly Jago

General Manager, Autogas Ltd Director, UKLPG
Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
United Kingdom

I believe it is incredibly important to address the existing gender imbalance within the LPG industry, alongside improving the overall diversity of the sector. I hope that, as a result of the hard work of WINLPG, the industry will look and feel very different in the future.

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Joy Shaiyen

Business Associate
TSL Logistics Limited

One woman can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand! Collectively, the women in LPG global network are building a movement of knowledge, experiences, and mentoring that will change the face of the LPG sector, one woman at a time, one city at a time.

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Becky Everetts

Area Director, AmeriGas Propane, USA

I am a new member to WINLPG and am very excited to learn more about our industry outside the United States and I look forward to meeting and working with other women from within our industry. In my 17 years in the industry, I have seen an increase in women holding manager/executive type positions but it’s still moving too slow. I truly believe that WINLPG will help educate more people across the world and help build a more diverse workforce.

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Paige O’Dell

Vice President – Operations, AmeriGas Propane, United States

Women in our industry are so critical to the success and longevity of our business. They bring a completely different view and help us to think outside the box when working in operations, marketing, finance and safety. I am always thankful and honored to cross paths with strong women that are working to further our industry.

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Margherita Boemo

Managing Director, Sprint Gas (Aust) Pty Ltd, Australia

For me, the WINLPG is an opportunity to demonstrate that “diversity” is much more than a buzzword for our time. Research has shown that women in developing countries were the ones who used LPG products, yet it is the men in the industry who set the agenda and develop the policies. Women need to be a key contributor to the conversation so let’s start to educate and engage.

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Rita Caroselli

Director, Assogasliquidi, Italy

In my opinion, leadership means having the authority to state your own views, without domineering, but by reasoning in a serious and thorough way on all the choices you want to propose. It also means being humble enough to change direction if others can explain comprehensively the inaccuracy of your ideas, while at the same time always being consistent with yourself.

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Bessem Enonchong

Business Development Cameroon & Sub-Sahara Africa, Kosan Crisplant, Cameroon

WINLPG is more than a gathering of women. It has depth and reach in sharing diverse motivational experiences. Grooming young women in the network is a valuable investment industry front runners are encouraged to be part of. The impact will be immeasurable on all fronts.

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Rob Shuttleworth

Chief Executive, UKLPG, United Kingdom

I think it is incredibly important not to recruit in your own mould as your organisation risks stagnating, never being challenged or not changing with the times. There is a huge talent pool of people whom industry and businesses can tap into if they view recruitment differently. So far as increasing the representation of women within the LPG industry, WINLPG can be a vital part of that change.

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Kalinda Magloire

CEO of Switch SA, Haiti

Leading an enterprise in Haiti is always a challenge, for a women it is a thousand time more difficult and it asks of you to draw strength in the resilience and courage that has allowed Haitian women of former generations to be at the forefront of all the social, economic and political struggles of their time.’

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Kelly A Bosak

Director, Staffing and Affirmative Action Officer, Ferrellgas, United States

Women in business leadership need to use their experience and intellect to influence and change businesses while improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction. I believe that organizations like WINLPG assist women in realising their potential to make a difference by providing community and networks of support. These networks help provide the knowledge base and good counsel we need to develop and excel as professionals.

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Nancy Coop

Business Development Executive at Ferrellgas and Founding Chair of the Women in Propane Council, United States

In a global industry full of smart, talented, skilled businesswomen, how do you get them to move into leadership roles? WINLPG can bring awareness, training, and change to an industry whose future depends on diversity. We must do this in this generation!

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Betty Amechi Ugona

General Manager Sales and Marketing, NNPC Retail Ltd, Nigeria

I am fulfilled working in the industry and my enerstdesire is to see all women especially the local women convert to the use of LPG as cooking fuel both at homes and for eateries as they serve millions of nigerian workforce who rely on their food everyday.

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Priscila Romooah

Operations Manager at Petredec, Mauritius

Life will present you with all sorts of challenges: don’t let them block you, simply persevere and continue your path.

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Nathalie Venis

Head of Downstream & Storage at Petredec, Mauritius

At the age of two, I was plucked away from my birth island, Reunion in the Indian Ocean, to make my first steps in Holland. This event added an extra dimension to my path of becoming an adult. Truth be told, I have suffered many years of the feeling ‘not to belong’ and it took me a long time to develop my own identity.

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Pam Indurjeeth

Director, Oryx Energies, South Africa

Business integrity is of paramount importance to me hence always pride myself in conducting business on company’s behalf ethically, responsibly & professionally. Often I have been appraised as someone with strong Networks, motivated, committed and a results driven team player.

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Beth Reid

Director International Business Development, UGI International, United Kingdom

I do believe that women are naturally configured to be more humble, more empathetic, and due to this maybe we hold back more than we should – usually whilst we are trying to figure it all out. Networks such as WINLPG are so important in helping to give women the confidence to take bigger and bolder steps and make progress in the industry.

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Nkechi Obi

Executive Vice-Chairman, Techno Oil Limited, Nigeria

The business which was founded more than a decade ago from humble beginnings, and today is one of the leading indigenous business conglomerates with operations in key sectors of the economy and providing employment and growth to the economy.

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Alison Abbott

Communications Director at WLPGA, France

With the role I hold within the WLPGA I attend all our industry council meetings, usually numbering some 30-40 industry leaders. It is rare to see another women and I look forward to the day when there is a more equal mix. No doubt this will take time but having launched WINLPG in 2015, we have now put the wheels in motion to address this and literally start to change the face of our industry.

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Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Commercial Operations, Falcon Corporation Limited, Nigeria

Women across the world are significant contributors to the GDP and level of economic development of many nations. Today, women are making unparalleled achievements in traditionally male-dominated industries because we are naturally equipped with a depth of intuition, resilience and creativity that makes for business unusual.

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Nikki Brown

WINLPG Chair, France

Every one of us can remember a time in our life when we have been inspired by the words or actions of another person – this moment may have provided us with the strength to believe in ourselves or the determination and motivation to achieve something we never thought possible.

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