LPG is extremely versatile and portable. It can be transported using sea, rail or road transport. LPG is available in a wide variety of packaging and storage options ranging from refillable cylinders to underground tanks.

LPG is a fuel that is available in even the remotest of areas, improving the lives of millions of citizens worldwide and providing a further impetus to regional development. As relatively few rural or remote areas can benefit from piped natural gas, LPG is an ideal power source for these areas, either as a primary source or in combination with renewable fuels. It does not need a huge infrastructure of pipelines to support it. Often, it is the only fuel to reach islands or high-altitude communities and, in times of emergency or national disaster, it can be crucial to survival.

LPG can be carried away from a retail outlet in a cylinder by an individual, or delivered to an industrial plant in a bulk tanker. It is a truly multi-purpose energy source. It is easy to transport by tanker, or in cylinders. It has some special attributes for rural communities, which have earned it ready acceptance and a prominent position in rural energisation.