The Global LPG Industry

Over four million people and thousands of companies from global actors to self-employed distributors work day-in and day-out to make sure LPG makes it to the customers in time. These unique distribution models have allowed people from all walks of life to build successful businesses.

LPG is available in even the remotest of areas, improving the lives of millions of citizens worldwide and providing an impetus to regional development. As relatively few rural or remote areas can benefit from piped natural gas, LPG is an ideal power source for these areas, either as a primary source or in combination with renewable energy. LPG is also increasingly used for large- or small-scale power generation.


It all starts with nature. Propane and butane, which make up LPG, are naturally occurring. The majority of LPG is recovered during natural gas and oil extraction whilst the remaining 40% is a co-product of oil refining.


The global LPG distribution model is a virtual pipeline that is adaptable, safe, versatile, efficient, cost-effective and works everywhere, powered by exceptional people.