Resource Efficiency

LPG can contribute to resource savings at a global scale and play a significant role in curbing deforestation.


60% of all LPG produced is a by-product of natural gas extract and thus resource efficient by its very nature. Switching from petrol, diesel, coal or fuel oil will help save resources but the most important contribution in terms of resource efficiency would be its proven role in reducing deforestation.

240 million

households converted to LP Gas could save 2.37 million hectares of forest, IE 46% of annual net global deforestation.

2 tonnes

A developing world household consumes 2 tonnes of wood per year which is the equivalent of approximately


LPG is a common fuel for cogeneration and micro-generation systems which can achieve up to 85% primary energy efficiency.

Sadly, in much of the developing world, the tree does not even grow back, slowly or otherwise. As the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation points out in its latest ‘Global Forest Resources Assessment’ of 2010, deforestation is continuing its centuries-long march.

The swap from wood to LPG could make a serious dent in this forest rundown, and for much the same reasons as it would reduce net carbon emissions. The shift by 2015 of 445 million people from wood to LP Gas would spare 440,000 hectares/year of forest a year. By 2030, with over a billion people switched to LP Gas, 1.2 million hectares/year would be saved – equivalent to nearly one-quarter of current global deforestation.

At a more personal scale, switching 100- households from consuming 200 tonnes of harvested wood a year to consume instead 1.8 tonnes of LP Gas would save one hectare of forest each year. Each household would save about 100 square metres of forest. A typical 13-kg cylinder of LP Gas would avert deforestation of a 7 m2 forest area.

It will take a village, actually a lot of villages, not to mention a number of major cities. But this could make a serious dent in carbon emissions and save forests, which of course are the planet’s lungs, home to much biodiversity, and – especially in developing countries – a key source of employment. Switching from wood to LP Gas is an idea whose time has come.

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