French Hockey Federation (F.F.H.)

Exceptional Energy is partnering with the French Hockey Federation (F.F.H.) over three years accompanying them to the Men World Cup to be held in 2018 in December India.


Exceptional Energy is supporting both the boys and girls teams, sponsoring the Under 16, Under 18, Under 21 and Senior teams. Keep watching for updates on the performance of our teams!

Exceptional Partnership

The French Hockey Federation (F.F.H.) is an association which manages Field Hockey and Indoor Hockey in France since November 12, 1920.


The French Hockey Federation is a sport-oriented federation. It has for mission to promote educative values attached to the practice of its disciplines and researches to develop citizenship principles and individual formation over all.

Field Hockey and Indoor Hockey have the specification of being a team sport focused on mutual aid, team spirit, solidarity and fair play.


As Olympic Federation, The French Hockey Federation strongly believes in the sense of respect, excellence and friendship, three values that drive the FFH.


In addition to values based on features specific to the sports world, Field Hockey proves to be a clean sport, young and dynamic, based on a positive and renewable energy: the physical effort. The FFH is attached to these values, that’s why French Hockey Federation is pleased to be the WLPGA and “LPG, Exceptional Energy” partner.

For more information on the French Hockey Federation, visit the website.



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