On the Move

LPG is the preferred alternative automotive transportation fuel. Autogas is today the most accepted alternative fuel in the automotive sector with more than 25 million vehicles operating worldwide.

In many countries worldwide it is the leading alternative fuel. It makes significant and ongoing contribution to improved environment outcomes in road transport – in greenhouse abatement and reduced pollution levels. LPG is also increasingly being used as a marine fuel.


90% of Guangzhou’s 8,000 buses use LPG as do 100% of the city’s 18,000 taxis.

25 million

25 million vehicles run on LPG.


Autogas is available from 71,000 retail sites around the world.


98 % fewer particles than diesel.


Over 90 models produced by major car manufacturers around the world.


Currently only 10% of all LPG in the world is used for transport.

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Marine Gas

Marine Gas is being increasingly used in smaller leisure craft, fishing boats and even larger ships. LPG is reliable and can be stored for a long time, which is crucial for boats that are only used on an occasional basis, it has lower life cycle costs and minimises maintenance. But first and foremost, is clean: LPG does not spill and can thus no cause pollution and LPG powered marine engine emit far less than other fuels, especially when it comes to SOx, PM and CO2 and NOx .



Outdoor air pollution causes 3.7 million deaths, each year and reducing air pollution could save millions of lives. Transport plays a major role in outdoor air pollution, for example 70% of air pollution caused in Chinese cities is due to transport emissions. Autogas is clean, available, prove, and requires no large scale infrastructure

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Autogas emits less CO2 than petrol vehicles:
A reduction of 10-12% in CO2 emissions has been calculated in a petrol powered car in an identical engine. New types of spark ignition engines are being built and will comprise of hybrid or mild hybrid systems. They will accept Autogas and will further reduce CO2 emissions.
Autogas emits almost no black carbon, a pollutant which is also the second biggest contributor to climate change

To learn more on the many application of LPG in transport, please visit www.auto-gas.net.