At work

Millions of businesses, from large industries to restaurants to hotels, independent small professionals and contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications. It is the ideal fuel choice for businesses that are off the grid, not connected to the mains gas.

Portability allows LPG to be used in any location. LPG’s availability allows businesses in all corners of the world to develop using clean and safe energy.

LPG supports a wide range of industrial processes and services, notably where a high degree of precision and flexibility in process temperatures, as well as a strong flame, are required.

It is a versatile fuel that is ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, drying, food production, petrochemical production as well as powering industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces amongst others.

Whether it is used in refrigeration, in illuminating road signs, powering commercial kitchens in bars and restaurants or for various uses in the garden, for heating at outdoor worksites or with torches, burners and flamers by jewellers and contractors for soldering, welding and flame cutting, the LPG’s unique properties make it an exceptional energy for businesses.

LPG in Action

The commercial and industrial applications of LPG are too numerous to list. Below are a few examples of LPG in action.

Glass & Ceramics

The manufacture of glass & ceramic products is complicated by numerous chemical reactions which occur during the process. The use of a clean fuel like LPG reduces technical problems related to the manufacturing activity and thereby leads to enhanced product quality.
Glass melting is a large, energy intensive operation that requires precise temperature control and fuel purity. LPG can provide easily controllable small flames for specialist processes such as melting optical glass. 
LPG has also become the fuel of choice for many potteries. The fuel’s clean combustion and accurate temperature control leads to enhanced productivity, reduces costs & pollution.



Construction & Infrastructure

LPG is widely use in the construction sector. Temperature control, energy yield, portability, and safety make it the fuel of choice of hundreds of applications.

Construction sites often, have little or no access to mains gas or even electricity and the construction sector relies ton LPG for roofing, paint removal, soldering, welding, concrete treatment, drying and surfacing.

LPG powered generators, flood lights and even traffic light on mobile road works are being increasingly used



Whether used at a food stall alongside the road or in a 3 Michelin start rural restaurant, LPG is the fuel of choice for professional cooking.

LPG is the preferred choice for many chefs because it provides immediate heat on ignition, removing the need for a warming-up period. LPG also produces heat that responds instantly to changes in setting and distributes the heat more broadly across the base of cooking implements. Furthermore, LPG burns efficiently with no black smoke, leaving no marks on cooking instruments and providing for easier wash-up.

Perfectly cooked food is the essential ingredient for successful catering. LPG offers the flexibility and reliability to keep commercial kitchens running with LPG stoves, ovens, fryers, burners, roasters, flamers etc..



As is the case with millions of commercial establishments around the world, hospitals use LPG for heating and cooling air, cooking, heating water, refrigeration, as well as lighting. LPG also powers laundry equipment and fumigation units.

In countries where the power supply is unreliable and that are subjected to frequent power cuts, LPG generators can provide an instant back up.

Furthermore, hospitals generate hazardous bio-medical waste which may need to be incinerated for safe disposal. LPG is used in incinerators to provide high temperature for complete combustion of the bio-medical waste without any harmful emissions.
Furthermore LPG-fueled shuttle buses and ambulances also provide reliable transportation within hospital systems around the globe.


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