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  • Report on the Testing and Requalification of LPG Cylinders

    The contents of this report provides information for all countries to review their cylinder management and
    requalification procedures and reduce costs.

    27 Aug 2015 » Download (PDF, 5.10 MB)
  • Safety & Consumer Education – The GenteGas Pilot

    WLPGA member GenteGas is a high-impact social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life of families in Guatemala. This case study looks at GenteGas’ project to deliver affordable gas stoves and household health education to low-income families exposed to toxic levels of wood smoke.

    20 Aug 2015 » Download (PDF, 1.20 MB)
  • Guidelines for Good Business Practices in the LPG Industry

    These Guidelines for Good Business Practices in the LPG Industry have been developed by the WLPGA for two specific purposes:  Provide global LPG industry participants with a tool for ensuring the marketplace, and more importantly the customer, is not compromised by those in the industry who carry out ‘bad practices’.  Enlist the support of government in establishing and enforcing policies and regulations that creates a safe, equitable, and competitive environment for industry participants, and to ensure the benefits of LPG are not denied to those who rely on LPG for basic life needs.

    11 May 2015 » Download (PDF, 3.50 MB)
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