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WLPGA’s powerful industry membership structure provides unique opportunities for members in both mature and developing LPG markets to communicate and create credible partnerships for business development.

The WLPGA provides a platform for information exchange, regularly organising interactive meetings and in-country workshops between technical experts, senior members and key stakeholders. These events are designed to highlight the benefits of LPG, discuss best practices, and promote the safe and sustainable use of LPG around the world.

WLPGA members receive regular updates, announcements, newsletters and reports via email with information on WLPGA actions, achievements, projects, international developments and external representation.

Although the WLPGA produces reports and studies for general circulation there are also reports that are available exclusively for its members. Topics are decided by members and cover a range of interests.

Our publications are available at no cost to members of the WLPGA. The WLPGA Global Statistical Review (available at £3,000 to non-members) is consulted throughout the industry and includes LPG production and consumption data for more than 80 countries. Our Members’ Directory containing full contact details of all members of the WLPGA is available through our ‘members only’ website and is also now available as a smartphone application for real time networking capability.

With 200 members spread across 125 countries, the World LPG Association is the global voice for the LPG industry. It creates a platform for companies to:

Who can join the WLPGA?

Any organisation that has an interest in the LPG industry can join. There are various categories of membership available to interested organisations.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no joining fee and the annual subscription varies depending on the category of membership. See the enclosed application form for subscription fees.

How much influence does the WLPGA have?

As the global voice for the LPG industry the WLPGA has significant influence and a powerful voice. The WLPGA was officially granted Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) in 1989. It has developed partnerships with other international bodies such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Energy Agency (IEA). Together with national and regional LPG associations and member organisations, the WLPGA addresses major issues with key stakeholders such as policy-makers within governments and intra-governmental bodies. The annual World LPG Forum has become the most important event in the calendar for the LPG industry attracting hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of delegates each year. Publications such as the annual WLPGA Global Statistical Review and WLPGA Guidelines on Good Business and Safety Practices are the global industry reference points.