Global LPG Industry celebrates the World LP Gas Forum in 2010 with Mayor on 1 December in Madrid, Spain

Jose Luis Blanco, Managing Director, AOGLP

Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón

The use of LPG, a sustainable solution, to world climate change challenges, underlined the City of Madrid Mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón’s, speech in his presentation to the LPG industry in Madrid on 1 December 2009. He referred to Spain as a vibrant and dynamic LPG market. Some twenty-three LPG companies are in Madrid out of a total of 216 located all around Spain. 

Other speakers at this event were: Ramon de Luis Serrano, CEO Repsol Butano & Executive Director LPG Worldwide, Repsol; Jose Luis Blanco, Managing Director, AOGLP; Manuel Ledesme, President, AOGLP, Alain De Greve, Secretary General, AEGLP and James Rockall, Managing Director, WLPGA. 

In order to demonstrate the value of LPG, James Rockall said “Globally there are approximately 3 billion consumers; 2 million direct employees; and about 1 billion cylinders in circulation that, if stood side by side, would circle the earth 8 times!”

The Mayor made reference to the forthcoming World LP Gas Forum tha twill take place in Madrid from 28 September – 1 October 2010 “an appointment of maximum importance for Spain, and especially for Madrid, within its bet to become a global city”.  Madrid offers a lot to the worldwide LPG industry and in particular because of the fact that for the first time this event will be unique because of the collaboration of the World LP Gad Forum, the European LPG Congress and the Latin American Congress and will feature more than 1500 people coming from more than 50 countries. 

The Spanish market boasts more than 10 million users, to which the activities of supplying, distribution are added as well as commercialization. 

Manuel Ledesma, President of the Spanish LPG Association (AOGLP) said that thanks to its availability and accessibility, LPG can do so much for Spanish families. More than 32,000 families depend on the LPG industry for jobs etc. 

At the event, the Mayor discussed an agreement  signed 2 days later on 3 December 2010 between the City of Madrid with important distributing companies, like Repsol, to provide a network of LPG stations for city taxi fleets with the strategic aim of reducing polluting emissions.