WLPGA held an Asian Regional Summit on 23 February 2010 in Kuala Lumpur. The theme of the Summit was “LP Gas: Exceptional Energy for Asia”.

WLPGA was supported for this event by the Asian Development Bank, through their Energy 4 All (E4 All) partnership, as part of the working group on LP Gas E4 LPG which WLPGA leads. The goal of this partnership is to seek ways to make LP Gas more affordable and accessible to people in the region that lack access to modern energy sources.

The Summit included participation from senior officials at the ADB, WLPGA, Pertamina, the Japan LPG Association, Petronas and many other key stakeholders from around the region.  

   Issues discussed included:

  • The “Rasoi Ghar” or community kitchen project in India
  • The overlap between LP Gas and renewable energy  sources in the Pacific islands
  • The kerosene to LPG conversion programme in Indonesia
  • The role of LP Gas in providing clean, modern energy to the millions of Asian who do not have access to grid energy

 Session I : Why LP Gas is the Right Fuel for Asia              

  • Mr Makoto Arahata - Japan LP Gas Association
  • Ms Sophie Punte - CAIA
  • Mr Hanung Budya - Pertamina
  • Mr Trond Inge Flones  - Ragasco
  • Mr Michael Kelly- WLPGA

Session II : Development Models that Work for Asia

  • Mr Jiwan Acharya  - ADB
  • Ms Eva Oberender -  REEEP
  • Mr M. Saidul  - Kleenheat
  • Ms Elga Pereira - Timor Leste
  • Mr David Tyler - WLPGA