UKLPG has announced that the 26th World LP Gas & Joint European LPG Congress in 2013 will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Conference in London.

The award winning conference centre is a purpose built venue uniquely situated in the shadow of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Offering some of the finest views of world renowned landmarks, the centre can easily cater for the 3,000 delegates expected to attend this prestigious event.

UKLPG Chair Nikki Brown of Cavagna Group UK said “The venue has international standing as it was used as the media village by H M Government, Department for Culture, Media and Sport for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.”

WLPGA CEO James Rockall said “This is an exciting time, the venue is an excellent choice and we are delighted to have secured it for our guests to enjoy.”

The event which runs from 29th September until 3rd October is being jointly hosted by UKLPG, AEGPL and WLPGA.